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About Us

Specialists in GSSA & Aviation Support

M&C Aviation is a worldwide organization providing General Sales and Services to Airlines worldwide. We play an essential role in promoting the services of our airline principals vis-a-vis their customers to move product through to the consignee efficiently on a timely basis.

M&C Aviation offers its principals a flexible and innovative approach to maximizing cargo sales and capacity utilisation. As cost efficiency is of increased importance in the aviation business today, outsourcing of cargo sales and service offers attractive solutions. We deliver high performance results with no fixed costs that give our customers maximum yield, revenue and profits. We are experienced in designing and conducting promotional campaigns, increasing visibility and heightening awareness of an Airline’s cargo product within the cargo community. Concise & timely financial reporting to the airlines and collection & repatriation of due payments are done according to each Airline’s required guidelines.

As an established brand, we have been recognised among our principals across the globe for quality, professionalism & financial stability. We possess over 23 years of experience as a GSA, having built long lasting relationships with American, European and Middle Eastern hubs.

M&C Aviation holds memberships with the FEDGSA, 1GSA and also has obtained the IATA membership across most of its global offices where such accreditations apply.

M&C has built its reputation for having a dedicated team of trusted professionals that adhere to a strict code of business ethics, focus on superior customer service and provide reliable air cargo sales and service solutions