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President’s Chamber

Welcome to M&C Aviation. As president, I am proud of the work we do and how we go about doing it. Service is the core of everything we do and remains our number one priority. Our customer service culture is deeply rooted in our overall business strategy and we are committed to providing necessary resources, support and trainings to our employees in making sure those standards are maintained at all times. Our business success depends on collaboration with clients, business partners and suppliers. We are committed to understand their business needs and expectations and to nurture strong win - win relationships that are mutually beneficial. Robust relationships build repeat Business. M&C Aviation has grown continuously for the past twenty years. The success we have experienced over the past years was accomplished by building a strong relationship with our business partners. Our core ethics are based in serving the customer and growing our business through the value of service. Built on a commitment to its principles of sustainability, M&C Aviation is a diversified GSSA. Our goal is to continually develop our strategies to meet the increasing requirements of our customers. We are one company, versatile and capable of handling the many special requirements of the service industry.

If you are considering the value of our services, thank you for taking the time to learn of our company through our Web site. If you are a present customer of M&C Aviation, we thank you for your continual affiliation with our corporation through the years.

We started this business with a simple motto ‘ Our client’s best interest is our best interest’ but as our business has evolved we realise ‘the world’s best interest is our interest’.

Charles Wijesundera
President / CEO